Drive in-store traffic via omnichannel experiential experiences

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October 12, 2021, 11:06 AM GMT+0

Welcome in-store consumers with a warm smile to enhance their shopping experience.

While COVID-19 pivoted most consumers to ecommerce, experiential or “sensory” customers still prefer to shop in-stores and miss the interpersonal interactions. To serve this cohort, adopt an omnichannel marketing approach, as it combines online and offline channels.

With COVID-19 amplifying the importance of safety, having proper safety and hygiene protocols in place is recommended. Develop marketing campaigns like “the promotion of the month”, offer new inventory, and experiential experiences like music concerts to attract consumers who seek novelty experiences.

Collaborate with delivery services and courier companies to stock up on inventory and entice consumers to shop in-stores. Cataloguing products for in-store display can help retailers account for the limited shelf space and inventory costs, as well as deliver products to customers who reside nearby.

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