Leverage common connections and experiences to make the best of InMail

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October 12, 2021, 5:41 PM GMT+0

Using the InMail feature, LinkedIn’s Premium subscribers can send messages directly to the recipient’s inbox.

The response rate for LinkedIn's InMail is reportedly three times higher than that of regular emails. If the marketers share common connections or shared experiences with the person they are connecting with, highlight them in the message to boost the chances of a response.

B2B marketers can use another of LinkedIn’s features, Sales Navigator, to identify relevant leads using filters for region, industry or job title-based searches. While drafting InMail messages, get to the main point as soon as possible. Maintain an authentic and conversational tone and include motivating CTAs.

Personalise the InMail message based on the target’s LinkedIn profile and send them follow up messages. While it does help to use automation in composing messages, marketers must ensure their InMail communication does not sound too generic or auto-generated.

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