Talent recognition, fan-artist exchange is the key to monetise real-time interactions

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October 13, 2021, 4:58 PM GMT+0

Apart from ad-support, tech providers must consider opportunities like transactional free-to-play models and monetising talent-fan interactions.

With the pandemic putting a pause to in-person events like concerts and parties, audiences were quick to jump to platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch and Discord. The next step in real-time audience interactions is monetising virtual experiences while offering unique interactivity.

Audiences no longer equate premium models only with an ad-free experience. When it comes to gaming, platforms can engage audiences by offering recognition in real-time or even offline. Offer opportunities where emerging artists and talent can virtually match with producers.

By offering creative suggestions and recognition, businesses can monetise fan-artist interaction. Audiences have so far been able to impact shows like talent hunts only by voting from their end of the screen. Brands must think of ways where stakes for people watching from home are high as well.

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