Virtual events can help brands reach broader audiences and boost email list

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October 13, 2021, 4:48 PM GMT+0

Brands must rely on well-curated, specifically themed virtual events to engage target audiences.

Marketers must first decide why exactly they want to grow the list. Is it to spread knowledge among the target audience or establish the brand as an industry thought leader? Answers to such questions will help the brand to anchor its events on specific agenda.

By describing the ideal attendee for their virtual events, brands can sharpen the focus of the event. It can further underline the need for quality when it comes to growing email lists. While inviting speakers, be clear on how the brand expects to engage the audience.

Create content that is relevant for an extended period. This naturally helps marketers widen their reach. Similarly, repurpose content from events for other content formats like podcasts, blogs and social media posts.

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