Scale contextual video targeting via cross-channel marketing

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October 14, 2021, 1:44 PM GMT+0

Publishers can deliver valuable information to prospects at the right time and place through contextually placed video ads.

Publishers looking to adopt contextual ad campaigns can implement contextual video strategies to target prospects and enhance readers on-page experience. Contextual solutions like free logged-in experiences and mixed media buys allow publishers to collect first-party data, create personalized on-page experiences, get high CPMs, and boost revenue.

To monetize non-subscribers, publishers can align their pre-roll video ads to formats sold based on user groups and the page or video content. However, contextual partners should assess the videos to segment audiences based on context and target viewers with relevant content.

Building a cross-channel presence across mobile, web, in-app, CTVs and more can further help publishers boost their contextual targeting efforts. Create the content on a broad range of topics across audiences and devices to scale contextual targeting.

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