Consumers prefer efficiency over brand image when viewing ads

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October 18, 2021, 2:45 AM GMT+0

IAB and PwC’s recent study highlights key challenges and opportunities across the digital ad-supported ecosystem.

Despite a difficult year, the digital advertising business in the US could see double digit growth by the end of 2021, exceeding predictions. However, concerns like a lack of consumer acceptance for advertising, particularly digital video, requires rapid attention, state the leaders interviewed.

With more options for accessing the content in ad-free and ad-light contexts, consumers will likely demand alternatives that provide meaningful and relevant experiences across formats. “Convenience”, “knowledgeable and friendly service” and “efficiency” are most valued among consumers.

In comparison to “brand image” or “fun”, 60% of consumers prefer "efficiency." To close the gap between DEI and unfilled positions, the employee value proposition most certainly needs to change. Brands need assistance from the federal government and the ad industry to prepare for regulatory changes.

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