Facebook, Google continues outpacing Snap and TikTok for personalised advertising 

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October 18, 2021, 5:34 PM GMT+0

While TikTok and Snapchat offer exciting ad avenues, Google and Facebook have mastered dynamic product advertising. 

Compared to veterans Google and Facebook, platforms like TikTok and Snapchat may boast of niche value propositions and successfully engage younger Gen Z audiences. But Facebook and Google, with their dynamic product ads, allow brands to upload product information and transform the data into consumer-tailored ads. 

Although other platforms also offer personalisation, Google and Facebook have unparalleled data o brands’ target audiences. Secondly, these platforms provide industry-specific variants of DPA and come with enhancements, with tools like the dynamic creative optimisation tool. 

Brands must place their bets on emerging platforms to run their Gen Z-focussed campaigns and experiment with marketing formats like full-screen mobile video ads. But at the same time, focus on dominant digital players like Google and Facebook to make the best returns on ad spend.   

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