Fashion brands can leverage 3D tech to innovate and drive sales

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October 18, 2021, 8:17 AM GMT+0

Designing and manufacturing products with 3D tools can boost sales and marketing efforts.

Given that businesses are responding to technological advancements and are finding new ways to engage customers, 3D can help the fashion industry digitally transform and innovate. With platforms like Snapchat supporting 3D, incorporating 3D can help the fashion and retail industry connect with prospects.

3D virtual product models can replace actual product samples, resulting in lower costs and a quicker design process. However, owing to a lack of awareness and know-how, many fashion firms are wary of implementing 3D models for product design.

The author contends fashion and retail brands need to hire outside expertise, invest in processes and software, and deliver ROI in sales and marketing to get executive buy-in for 3D. Adopting 3D technology can help fashion brands accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

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