Use intelligent packaging to communicate with consumers in real-time

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October 18, 2021, 11:04 AM GMT+0

The use of AR animations in intelligent packaging improves consumers’ shopping experiences and boosts interaction.

Companies can improve communication between consumers and brands, when the products are sold, by incorporating the internet of things (IoT) into product packaging. Intelligent packaging is useful in conveying product information to retailers and customers in real-time.

Biochemical active films, time-temperature indicators, sensors, and radio frequency identification technology (RFID) tags, are all examples of intelligent packaging. As consumers’ demands, lifestyles and shopping habits change, businesses can use intelligent packaging to build customer relationships and loyalty.

Moreover, intelligent packaging supports supply chains’ “just-in-time” models of storage and distribution, as well as ensures product safety and quality. Consumers can be engaged, educated, informed, and entertained by using intelligent packaging as a marketing and interactive tool. To maximise reach and connectivity, incorporate intelligent packaging into product design.

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