Create video ads around customers’ interests to navigate YouTube AdBlock

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October 19, 2021, 4:07 PM GMT+0

YouTube AdBlock is a browser extension that helps users filter and block advertising content, which appears before, during and after a video.

While 63% of users do not use any type of ad blocking software on the video-sharing platform, the adoption of ad blockers is on the rise. To overcome this challenge and reach users effectively, marketers must diversify their choice of advertising platforms.

Brands can also include platforms that do not offer any ad blocking capabilities. Instead of finding their way around adblockers, brands can create content that is more appealing and meaningful to their audiences. Place the customer at the centre of the video strategy and make the ad content relevant to their interests.

YouTube continues to give brands access to 2.1 billion users. With only 11% of these users adopting ad-blocking software, marketers should focus on creating a relevant advertising experience for customers. Leverage Google AdWords to target YouTube users who already demonstrate an interest in specific topics or keywords related to the business.

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