Publishers are working on native identity solutions to counter cookie exit

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October 19, 2021, 4:20 PM GMT+0

Publishers are creating identity solutions, homegrown marketplaces and maintaining operational flexibility to be prepared for future challenges.

With third party cookies all set to make an exit, proactive publishers are working towards creating their own identity solutions. For example, The Washington Post has launched the Zeus platform to level the programmatic playing field and monetise ad inventory more effectively. Similarly, mid-sized and boutique publishers are eager to identify and leverage new revenue channels.

Publishers in the consumer goods, wellness and beauty spaces are relying on native marketplaces to expand their reach beyond their existing customer base. Moving ahead, publishers are also focusing on maintaining operational flexibility.

This piece contends that this kind of flexibility will help publishers remain informed about future challenges and opportunities. When it comes to diversity, the industry must treat communities as multi-faceted realities. It will help publishers create more diverse, inclusive workplaces.

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