Use Facebook's carousel ads to demonstrate product usage

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October 19, 2021, 9:23 AM GMT+0

Ensure carousel ads on Facebook are guided by a marketing strategy to avoid serving confusing messages.

Facebook carousel ads are dynamic, interactive ads, capable of showing two to 10 images or videos with links in a single ad space. These ads are a way for advertisers to give users an “organic experience” that’s similar in feel to scrolling through Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Carousel ads can be used to share video demonstrations of products that require a lot of detailed instructions. To entertain and engage users, through video carousel ads, they must be shot in high-definition.

Through Facebook’s carousel ads, advertisers have access to ample advertising real estate and can benefit from the comparatively lower cost-per-click rate. Further, these ads can be a critical addition to a brand’s inbound marketing strategy.

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