Companies must inject empathy into B2B content marketing

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October 20, 2021, 4:29 PM GMT+0

Brands should provide B2B buyers with relevant, empathetic content that is trustworthy, helpful and informative to help consumers make informed decisions.

This piece argues that B2B content need not be boring but should be interesting, compelling, relevant, and empathetic. Truly valuable content should be helpful, audience-focused and purposeful. It should help the target audience see their ideas reflected in the brand.

To improve the content’s empathy quotient, brands should first conduct keyword research. Keywords are an indicator of buyer intent and are foundational for creating helpful content. Pay more attention to content architecture and ensure the brand has enough unique content available for each stage of the buyers’ journey.

Gather data from all departments and use customer data to guide content creation. B2B companies should consider co-creating content with influencers to establish credibility. Ensure the content is relevant, empathetic, engaging, informative and entertaining. But, it should also demonstrate brand values and align with the audience.

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