Make sufficient use of negative space in web design for easy reading

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October 20, 2021, 4:15 PM GMT+0

Negative space refers to the space between different elements on the page, like lines and paragraphs.

With negative space, brands can help site visitors navigate web pages and read the content easily. Brands must ensure that they do not leave too much space between lines or paragraphs. Too much negative space can make the content seem disjointed.

Avoid crowding the web pages with too much information. Even if brands want to include pop-ups on their web page, use sticky pop-ups to keep them restricted to the edge of the screen. As for graphics, the website should use clear, bright and professional images.

Ensure all images are optimised and include relevant tags and descriptions to boost website visibility. Rely on the rule of thirds when designing the page. This helps brands to direct visitors’ focus on the essential elements of the page.

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