Transparent marketing campaigns can attract holiday shoppers

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October 20, 2021, 2:35 AM GMT+0

Many retailers like Amazon and Target are starting holiday campaigns early to extend the buying season and boost sales.

Retailers are rethinking the window for holiday-related marketing as COVID-19 changed how consumers discover and shop, as well as disrupted supply chains. By cutting marketing costs, moving away from product-specific content, and adopting a "neutral but hopeful" tone, retailers are aiming to entice holiday consumers.

Jared Blank, chief marketing officer at enterprise digital commerce platform VTEX says, investments in “awareness building” could help retailers nudge consumers towards an early buying cycle. However, retailers need to overcome jammed supply chains, labour shortages, and ad budgets to meet demands seamlessly.

Being transparent around realities can help retailers manage consumers’ holiday expectations. Create regional and local ads, rethink ad strategies and use new and traditional advertising channels to appeal to consumers’ sensitivity and connect with them cost-effectively.

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