Find effective ways of measuring the success of social media marketing campaigns

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October 22, 2021, 4:10 PM GMT+0

This piece shares how marketers can make their social media campaigns more effective.

Social media allows brands to conduct surveys and polls, let people engage and interact. But, it depends on how brands measure success. If they measure success by engagement, then it is successful. But, if they want to measure success by sales, they need to start measuring their website traffic and identify the traffic source.

Advertising can help brands build awareness, but marketers need something beyond advertising to build B2B relationships. B2B marketers can hold polls and questions on social platforms to boost engagement. But, they need actionable metrics that are measured in actions, sales, calls and conversations.

Look beyond engagement and consider website traffic. Further, look beyond website hits, measure conversations and identify repeat engagement. Then, capture customer data like names and email addresses, give something away and try to get them to sign up for an email list – essential for building strong B2B relationships.

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