Identifying potential customers is the first step in the personalisation process

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October 22, 2021, 3:06 PM GMT+0

While 66% of retailers value personalisation, they struggle to identify website visitors while managing customer relationships.

Brands and customers today understand how crucial personalisation is in enhancing CX. With ecommerce in the US recording ten years’ growth within just three months, personalisation is critical to stand out among the competition, offer a seamless shopping experience and boost sales.

Brands must ensure they perfectly implement and execute personalisation tactics. Marketers must first identify which consumer is a buyer and which is a browser. This helps brands understand consumer intent and target them with personalised, triggered email and text message communications based on consumers’ browsing behaviour.

Businesses must gather first-party data to identify prospects accurately. Along with acquiring new customers, brands must retain existing customers by bringing them back to brand websites. Marketers can do with relevant, targeted one-to-one communications.

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