Leveraging social proof can trigger consumers' conformity bias

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October 22, 2021, 11:22 AM GMT+0

Social proof marketing could be key to a brand’s digital marketing efforts.

A webpage containing social proof gives customers a reason to believe in a brand or product as social proof is evidence and not just a “pile of unsupported marketing claims.” Not only can social proof trigger consumer’s conformity bias, it can also help a brand differentiate itself from its peers.

Try using testimonials that contain a useful keyword. Instead of having a dedicated testimonials page, host them on various pages of a site. Showcase any press mentions the brand may have secured.

If a brand wishes to showcase data and statistics, opt to display the ones more connected to human behaviour. Declarations of any awards a brand has won could go right on top of the homepage, or on a dedicated awards page if there are enough of them to display.

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