Correct shallow links to lead users to relevant web pages, boost Google ranking

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October 26, 2021, 5:16 PM GMT+0

Shallow links are inbound links meant to link to deeper, specific pages on the website but instead link only to the home page.

Marketers must first understand that Google does not attach a lot of importance to a website as a whole when ranking specific web pages. Since Google ranks web pages and not websites, brands must ensure their inbound links link directly to the most relevant web pages.

So when a webpage links to the brand’s webpage, all the authority from that link goes straight to the linked page. Marketers can consider using spreadsheet software to import the website’s inbound link profile and identify shallow links. 

Next, marketers must visit each link, find the author for that content and reach out to them. Outreach emails must explain why the brand is looking to update its links and where the brand wants to place the link.

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