Look for signs of stagnation to improve website performance

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October 26, 2021, 4:08 PM GMT+0

Brands should find out if their number of visitors and leads are dropping every month and on-page bounce rates are increasing.

Businesses should look for stagnation signs and find out why their website is underperforming. One of the possible reasons for stagnation could be slow loading speeds. Slow loading speeds can reduce the number of website visitors and negatively impact its SEO, traffic, search rankings, and eventually sales revenue. Avoiding shared servers, minimising HTTP requests, ensuring HTML codes are streamlined and using an image optimisation plugin can help improve website loading speeds.

Visitors can also abandon a website if they find the website uses excessive text. Websites with too much text appear cluttered in the sight of visitors, making it challenging to navigate. To avoid text overuse, marketers should find a template to use text and images to communicate to their audiences effectively. Organise content in bullet points, use icons to complement the text, place relevant images strategically, use CTAs, add videos and place graphs and charts.

With most web traffic originating from mobile devices, businesses must make sure their website is mobile responsive. Optimise images for mobile screens, host the site on a dedicated server that ensures fast site load and make sure the site is accessible via mobile devices. To further improve website performance, update outdated content, turn blogs into infographics or videos and share them across social platforms.

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