Influencer marketing's appeal is not limited to Gen Z-only

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October 27, 2021, 4:52 PM GMT+0

With Gen X and Boomer audiences increasingly taking to social media, brands can tap into influencer marketing to approach generations older than Gen Z as well.

Contrary to popular perception, influencer marketing proves effective even when targeting older generations, like Gen X and Boomers. Consumers from these generations spend an increasing amount of time on social media for online retail, delivery services and subscriptions.

Moreover, terms like "grandfluencers" and "elderly influencers" are also becoming popular to refer to senior influencers online. When collaborating with social media influencers, brands can benefit more by associating with nano-influencers (those with followers between 500 and 10K).

While general influencers have a conversion rate of close to 3%, nano influencers have a 30% conversion rate in some cases. While collaborating with influencers, brands must familiarise themselves with rules, abide by guidelines and avoid complications.

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