Make sure how-to-guides are comprehensive, easy to read and relevant

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October 27, 2021, 3:23 PM GMT+0

Before writing how-to-guides, marketers must first understand their target audiences well.

One of the primary reason users take to the internet is to learn how to do something. Brands must identify what their audiences want to learn and what concerns they have. Once these points are identified, marketers must zero in on a topic and conduct extensive research on it.

Keyword searches, in particular, help brands find existing content on a topic. Such searches can also help brands understand how competitor brands write their guides on similar subjects. Marketers should ensure their guides are registered as a list of instructions in the right order and feature relevant visuals like images.

How-to-guides must also be as comprehensive as possible, covering all possible perspectives of topics. When writing the guide, marketers must include action verbs and use numbered lists, headers, and bullet points for easy skimming.

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