Businesses must ensure their anti-fraud technologies have these crucial features

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October 29, 2021, 3:32 PM GMT+0

Anti-fraud solutions should offer features like Redirect, API tools and Postbacks.

Marketers should rely on the redirect feature on anti-fraud technology to differentiate authentic behaviour from fraudulent traffic. This feature allows brands to redirect suspicious behaviour to blank pages instead of the website’s landing page.

Similarly, brands can create tokens for the system with API tools, access data, and optimise elements like switches and non-fruitful off zones. With the Postbacks feature, marketers can be aware of all suspicious activity in real-time. Marketers must first determine necessary anti-fraud parameters to identify which traffic sources are unreliable.

Businesses should choose anti-fraud solutions that also make it easy for the company to ask for refunds from traffic providers if the traffic source is fraudulent. Choose technologies that help brands draft custom evidence-packed reports for a robust refund claim.

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