This holiday season, tap into existing customer data to re-engage lost prospects

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November 02, 2021, 4:55 PM GMT+0

Before diving into holiday-season strategies to approach eager shoppers, brands must understand the past behaviour of their cold prospects.

Marketers must analyse why past prospects did not convert into customers and where exactly the trail faded off. This analysis can help brands re-engage potential customers with more relevant messaging. By tying up with other brands, businesses can offer value-added features and value-driven content to nudge prospects.

Marketers should avoid sending sales-heavy and promotional emails to customers like most brands. Instead, companies aiming to close deals this year should match their offerings with customer needs to warm up potential customers who might have gone cold earlier.

In order to stand out, businesses must avoid sending standard holiday greetings. Instead, analyse what kind of messaging worked best for them in the past, add more creative elements in the branded content and drive re-interest among target audiences.

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