Google patents a Searcher Interface to display Trending Information

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November 05, 2021, 4:39 PM GMT+0

The Trending Information searcher interface will present graphical items based on the processor's detection of the searcher's interaction with varied graphical images.

Google discovered that trending Information is valuable to site owners and SEOs and is in a newly unveiled patent, considering other distributing "Trending Information". While the process is not yet available, it could substantially improve Google Trends.

Rather than just tracking searchers' interest in trending Information, the new patented approach shows a sample interface for tracking Trending Information. The new patent enables device processors and searcher interfaces to identify trending, search-related news, video-related Information, and more.

The searcher interface could also detect Trending Information by determining whether it is "t the trending" search-related Information, trending video-related Information, and more. The interface could also include Information popular through a search-related service.

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