Google Analytics 4 offers new engagement and event metrics

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November 09, 2021, 2:54 AM GMT+0

Privacy controls in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) can disable Ad Personalisation and exclude specific private events.

GA4 is an updated version of Google Analytics, that offers a more accurate picture of user behaviour, optimises user privacy, and lowers time spent gathering and aggregating data. GA4 integrates tech like Firebase Analytics, Google Signals, and The Global Site Tag to collect, store, and visualise data in new ways.

GA4's event-driven data model resolves issues with session duration, site engagement analytics, and goal conversion tracking. The event-driven data model puts a greater emphasis on event metrics like event parameters, events, and user properties. A conversion event would be an event in GA4 that has been listed as important to the business, like a lead conversion, video completion, and so on.

Marketers can use the first-touch attribution to analyse customer acquisition by selecting the "User acquisition" report in GA4. Moreover, in GA4, the concept of a segment has been blended with that of an audience, and brands now establish audiences rather than segments to report or share with Google Ads. GA4 also hosts new engagement metrics like engaged sessions, active users, and more.

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