Pinterest removed maximum content for conspiracy theories in Q1 2021

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November 09, 2021, 4:57 PM GMT+0

Pinterest has published its latest Transparency Report that details the different types of content it removed from its platform for various policy violations.

 In Q1 2021, the platform removed 24,134 images, which compromised 166,189 Pins for conspiracy theories. The number decreased to 16,204 images in Q2. Conspiracy theories likely increased because of vaccine and pandemic-related concerns.

In the first quarter, about 5,540 images- compromising 124,713 Pins - were deactivated for promoting adult sexual services. In Q2, the number of images removed due to adult sexual services rose to 7,238, though many were machine-identified and incorrectly deactivated. The platform later reinstated those images.

Pinterest also removed content in line with its dangerous goods and activities policy. The number of deactivations emitting from graphics violence, threats, self-injury and harmful behaviour decreased from Q1 to Q2.

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