Draft clear and transparent messaging to enhance internal communication

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November 10, 2021, 2:02 AM GMT+0

There is a communication gap between communicators and employees, according to Axios HQ’s recent survey of over 400 employees, communicators, and executives across industries.

While nearly 70% of communicators believe they know what updates and information employees require, only 31% of employees agree, as per the report. 74% of communicators say they write succinct and effective messages.

On the contrary, 60% of employees disagree that communicators write concise and effective messages. When it comes to feedback, 31% of employees state they don't have access to an appropriate feedback channel, whereas 45% of PR pros claim they don't get enough feedback on their communication.

The most difficult aspect of internal communication, according to 59% of communicators, is having employees read their messages. Short, relevant, multi-item updates, clearer and transparent messaging, in-person opportunities to discuss updates and more are preferred by employees.

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