Marketers should experiment with emojis in their email subject lines

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November 10, 2021, 5:05 PM GMT+0

Studies show that only 6.9% of subject lines from today’s top marketers include emojis.

Businesses should consider experimenting with emojis in their email subject lines. A well-thought-out emoji placement can help brands make their email stand out among others. However, to avoid coming across as unappealing, marketers should use A/B testing to determine the impact of adding emojis to their subject lines.

Using attention-grabbing phrases and personalisation elements can help marketers optimise their subject lines. But, keep it concise and avoid clichés and common marketing phrases. To further open rates, consider automating email marketing – which involves setting parameters for customer-initiated events that trigger an email depending on the action taken.

Studies show that triggered emails are 38% more likely to be opened. Marketers should also use past shopping data to personalise email content based on their prospects’ interests and pain points: highlight limited product or timeframe, social feedback and online reviews to create FOMO among users. Further, use words like “Now”, “You/Your”, “Thanks”, “New”, “Easy”, “Free” to boost email engagement.

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