Offer relevant digital rewards to drive survey response rates

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November 10, 2021, 2:28 AM GMT+0

Automate the incentive process to reward respondents as soon as possible since it fosters trust and goodwill.

Marketers send surveys to better understand the target market and increase customer satisfaction. Customers' expectations and views of the organisation, its products, services, prices, events, marketing efforts, and competition can be better understood through market surveys.

With an average survey response rate of 10-15% due to factors like long, tough, unclear questions and a lack of personalisation, offering digital rewards could boost response rates. Ensure the digital rewards offered are worth the amount of time invested by consumers to complete the survey.

Rather than giving customers only one reward option, provide them with an array of choices from which they can pick based on their needs. Provide rewards or coupons valid in each survey respondent's home country to convey that their time is valued.

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