Be social, Be human to boost the brand’s online presence

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November 11, 2021, 3:54 PM GMT+0

Use real profile pictures to portray credibility and authenticity.

To improve the company’s online presence, brands should focus on being social as well as human. Avoid sending emails or social media posts with “Dear all”. Instead of sending mass emails to a group of people, address people individually and direct the message to each user with a personal touch.

Build acquaintance with people before pitching them an idea or selling them something. Build a connection with clients through platforms like LinkedIn. Avoid selling products/ services to people without establishing any trust. Using a real profile picture can help marketers develop credibility and make it easier to win prospects’ trust.

Replying to all comments or tweets can help brands strengthen their relationships with existing and prospective customers. Further, highlight other people on branded social channels to connect with their followers, expand their reach and enhance online presence.

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