Deprived for months, thirsty travelers boost travel web traffic

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November 11, 2021, 5:14 PM GMT+0

People worldwide are finally realising their long-overdue vacations, what with even travel ad revenues surpassing 2019 levels.

Travel + Leisure’s print magazine saw ad pages increasing by 48% in Q3 this year, compared to Q3 2020. Audiences are now favouring regenerative travel while prioritising wellness, self-enrichment and a strong desire to contribute to communities they are visiting.

Consumers want to learn about a potential travel destination and experience the communities before actually visiting them. This has led to the rise of immersion-oriented solutions like photogrammetry, 360 videos, and multi-perspective media.

Such innovations help consumers experience destinations before travelling there. US travellers are also keen on visiting destinations like Canada and Mexico to unnecessarily get into logistical issues they might face if they travel further. Similarly, consumers are exploring destinations in a drivable vicinity.

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