Data inaccuracy is driving a wedge between data analysts and marketing professionals

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November 12, 2021, 3:48 PM GMT+0

Data inconsistencies or inaccuracies have led 41% of analysts to have "low trust" in marketing reports.

One in three CMOs do not trust their marketing data, according to a global poll of 964 marketers and marketing data analysts. In addition, 51% of CTOs and CDOs do not trust their data, compared to 34% of CMOs, indicating a growing lack of trust in data.

While there are tools and solutions for automated data integration, time spent manually handling data remains a top concern for marketers. This prevents CMOs from making prompt decisions because they only get a backward view of campaign performance after the campaign has ended.

Brands should be more data-driven and embrace automated integration solutions. Data reporting also haunts C-suite with issues like increasing real-time data utilisation and a lack of data-driven insights.

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