Include one goal per email through CTAs to boost conversions

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November 12, 2021, 2:47 PM GMT+0

Optimise emails responsiveness across devices to offer a seamless experience and enhance email marketing efforts.

To boost email open, click-through, and conversion rates, marketers should leverage engagement marketing tactics. To use engagement marketing in emails, segment the email list based on demographics, purchase history, user behaviour and more.

Crafting concise, relevant, and humorous subject lines with questions and emojis can drive open rates. Write email copies that represent a real person, sounds natural, realistic, and avoid using abbreviations and jargon. List one goal per email with relevant CTAs to avoid diverting the reader's attention.

Pick email layouts with eye-catching designs, add GIFs, videos, and other media in the email body, and personalise the messages with the recipient's name. Send emails at an appropriate time, write follow-up emails, set up email triggers and include promotional offers to augment engagement.

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