Marketers must work in unison with the sales team to serve customers better

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November 12, 2021, 12:22 PM GMT+0

By collaborating with the sales team, marketers can understand customer pain points better and enhance marketing campaigns.

To begin with, marketers must try to build better relationships with their sales team counterparts. They can ask them deals the latter successfully closed, which ones fell through and why the sales team felt those deals did not work.

Similarly, marketers can also join in on sales calls. Marketers can learn from the customers what their issues are and how the brand’s offering can solve them. This can further boost brand transparency and credibility among audiences.

After interacting with the sales team and hearing directly from customers, marketing teams will gather valuable insights on recurring objections, needs and wants. Such insights can then find their way to the brand’s white paper, blog post, podcasts, episodes, or video ads, courtesy of the marketing team.

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