Old Music can help brands waft into customer hearts

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November 12, 2021, 3:18 PM GMT+0

Brands can remind their target audiences of moments in their past, which could trigger a sense of stability, certainty and happiness.

A study found that most men's favourite song was something they heard when they were 14. For women, the age is 13. Brands can tap into this longing for simpler times by using music from yesteryears.

Brands can use such insights to choose nostalgic tracks for their ads. Ads can feature clips from classic, heartwarming films to trigger nostalgia. Christmas-themed films, for one, can make audiences think about holidays they enjoyed in their youth.

Finally, brands can include images that remind people of simpler times. By doing so, brands can strike a chord with audiences who may long for days in the past when things were good and easier to deal with.

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