Will you pay for Search? A new company is attempting just that

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November 12, 2021, 3:31 PM GMT+0

The company, Neeva, aims at inventing a new category of search engine subscriptions, where users pay a recurring fee for the product.

Audiences are accustomed to using online search services for free. But search engine startup Neeva plans on offering its services at a monthly fee of around $5. The search engine plans to steer clear of affiliate partnerships.

While the service is free now and available to anyone with a Neeva account, the search engine eventually plants to collect monthly credit card payments. According to Neeva’s chief business officer, Steven Shure, the focus is now on the subscription business and boosting the user base.

The company will not be opting for advertising-based revenue channels, including affiliate partnerships and links. As for potential partners, Shure says Neeva hopes to benefit from claiming customers who do not always pay a tax in the form of advertising to draw site traffic.

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