Brands must feature keywords corresponding to the customer’s buying stage

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November 16, 2021, 5:23 PM GMT+0

By identifying buying stage, brands can use keywords that reflect user intent and boost site traffic.

Brands and marketers are often searching for proven methods to identify high-intent keywords relevant to their target audience. While understanding the audience is vital to gathering relevant keywords, marketers can go one step further and consider their client's stage of the customer journey.

For instance, early-stage keyword phrases start with words like Who, What and How. Middle-stage customers use words like Comparison, Best and Better with transactional intent. Brands must also check which keywords competing businesses are ranking for.

While conducting their keyword research, marketers must ensure they choose keywords with a high search volume and relevant to their industry. This will help marketers pick up effective keywords themselves. Similarly, they feature long-tail keywords owing to their low competition and low volume.

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