Are brands paying enough attention to customer engagement and response times?

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November 19, 2021, 5:19 PM GMT+0

The latest study by Twilio found that most British consumers expect better engagement from brands they interact with.

Despite many industries delivering improved response times during the pandemic, 52% of consumers still want better engagement from brands. 23% of consumers – the highest proportion – said the most important indicator of “good” customer engagement is the speed of response.

The study found companies could not deliver what consumers perceived as the “best” at brand engagement. For instance, hotel, airline and telecom companies were among the industries that were considered as the best at customer engagement in 2020 – scored much lower this year in comparison to other industries like consumer banking. Consumer banking improved its response times on social channels by 60% and retail brands enhanced by 29%.

According to the survey, other highly valued qualities included consistent query handling with one point of contact and the customer feels understood and listened to. David Parry-Jones, senior vice president, EMEA at Twilio said,” While speed of response plays a part in good customer engagement, today’s consumers have high expectations across the board: they also expect flexibility, consistency and the ability to pick up a conversation where they left off.”

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