CTV ad creatives must be inspired by social media and not by TV ads

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November 19, 2021, 10:50 AM GMT+0

With improvements in attribution, measuring CTV ad performance should get easier.

Connected TV (CTV) currently only sees spending from 1% of the addressable market. With the benefits of advertising on CTV well documented, there are still certain challenges holding mid-market advertisers back.

For mid-market advertisers to be confident to spend on CTV, the supply needs to be available. This must be followed by the ad serving technology being in place via a DSP. The third challenge is the creatives being used in CTV advertising.

For creative inspiration to advertise on CTV, cues must be taken from social media and not so much from TV commercials. The author notes that creative performance on CTV would improve as creative automation improves and production costs start dipping.

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