Leveraging intelligence time email sending can help marketers boost email open rates

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November 19, 2021, 5:12 PM GMT+0

Intelligence time email sending uses machine learning to allow businesses to send personalised messages.

Studies show that send time optimisation can help increase the open rate of email campaigns by up to 25%. Intelligent time email sending or send time optimisation can automate the time-consuming, slow and laborious email sending task, figure out the ideal time and personalise email campaigns based on customer schedule, time zone and lifestyle.

To maximise open rates and click-through, marketers must consider optimising email sending time. In fact, intelligent time email sending can help decrease the likelihood of being ignored, reduce the chances of being intrusive or bothersome. It can also help companies keep up with evolving consumer behaviour and lifestyle shifts, saving marketers time and effort with testing and categorisation.

In the age of social media and virtual reality, email still counts as email generates $42 for every $1 spent. Intelligent time email sending uses a combination of previous campaigns, active sending and constantly learning from both to find the optimal sending time.

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