Build content around the brand’s value proposition

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November 22, 2021, 2:29 PM GMT+0

Content can be a valuable tool for every step in the sales funnel, from attracting links to driving brand awareness.

Companies should first understand what they are selling and which problems their products are solving. Then build the content ideation and keyword research processes around that. Find a content idea that connects searchable keywords with the products the brand offers.

Marketers should build the branded content in a problem-solution format. Identify customer pain points and use content to solve those problems and answer their questions. Marketers should break the content into logical sections and answer all the questions relevant to the section.

Look into Google’s People Also ask to find prospects’ problems and use FAQ scheme to generate rich snippets in search results to get a higher click-through rate. Optimising content for search intent is the key to converting readers into buyers. Marketers can use the Text Optimiser tool to optimise content for search intent. They should also use videos to acquire new customers and close sales.

Marketers should also ensure the content matches the searcher’s expectations and create contextual CTAs to transform their expectations and drive action. Further, create personalised CTAs based on the first page the visitor landed on, their referral source and previous user actions taken on the website. Additionally, consider using an in-content conversational form instead of a traditional CTA to boost engagement.

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