Marketers would benefit from using computer vision for moment marketing

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November 22, 2021, 12:34 PM GMT+0

With computer vision being a lot more accessible, even smaller brands stand to benefit.

An artificial intelligence (AI) discipline, computer vision, allows computers to “derive deep understanding from visual inputs such as digital pictures and videos.” Among computer vision’s abilities is its application of being able to analyse ad creatives for effectiveness.

It can analyse and process digital images, video and audio content in real time and at scale. It can also work with AI and machine learning. Automatic content recognition (ACR) and optical character recognition (OCR) fall under the larger ambit of computer vision.

Used in combination, ACR and OCR could convert broadcast content into usable data that can be processed, contextualised and organised. This data can then be queried and analysed for insights to let advertisers know which “moment” can be capitalised on through moment marketing.

To execute moment marketing with computer vision, a costly “always on” advertising strategy isn’t needed. With computer vision, advertisers can leverage new opportunities, bring together TV engagement with digital, social media and second screen’s popularity.     

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