Use web analytics to match frequently used search terms with SEO keywords

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November 22, 2021, 2:00 PM GMT+0

Brands can use web analytics to identify which elements of their content work best in engaging target audiences.

For one, behaviour overview reports offer insights on total page views, unique page views and average time on the page. Such insights help marketers identify the most popular brand content and further optimise them. Along with adding images and videos, marketers can also include long-tail keywords and update their CTAs.

For example, using web analytics, marketers can see what exactly site visitors are searching on the website’s search bar feature. Brands can then match the terms customer frequently use while searching on the website to the SEO keywords used in the webpage content.

Moreover, web analytics help brands understand what their customers do after interacting with their content. If customers fail to complete the brand’s CTA on the webpage, marketers can tweak it accordingly.

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