CPG leaders need to prepare for a tough D2C path post-pandemic

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November 24, 2021, 1:22 PM GMT+0

With third-party retail bouncing back due to changing customer purchase behaviour, CPG leaders must recognise they have an arduous D2C path ahead.

To tackle challenges retailed to the D2C path, CPG leaders must use D2C as a test and learn new tactics. Learn executive through options like social commerce – utilise native functionality to drive brand/product discovery and sale. They should also consider having a simple website and use simple software as a service Digital commerce platform to set up.

CPG leaders should focus on minimal viable product and “hero product (s)” and limited editions product bundles to test consumer demand. Companies should use their D2C platform for crowdsourcing and testing ideas with D2C customers. Use the platform to find new customers through new go-to-market models like live shopping, and deliver an integrated brand and shopping experience.

CPG brand should leverage their data to influence third-party retailer marketing execution tactics and grow channels like digital shelf optimisation and paid search. Further, creatively think how data can be leveraged across the organisation as an insight’s platform such as new product development and broader commercial execution. CPG leaders should make sure the D2C channel is recognised as the source, with the commercial outcomes being attributed back to the channel.


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