Leverage lean process improvement to improve efficiency

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November 25, 2021, 5:17 PM GMT+0

Originally developed by Toyota, lean process improvement is a concept that can help decrease the amount of time taken from receiving an order to delivering it.

Lean process improvement is a concept that is often discussed in a production environment. But, it can also be applied to service, healthcare, technology and government sectors. Incorporating lean process improvement can help businesses see various benefits like reduced waste, less inventory, increased productivity, better quality, happier customers, fewer costs and more profits.

By removing the redundancy, streamlining processes and generating less waste, the company’s bottom line will see a positive impact. Moreover, with customers receiving products faster and less hassle, companies will have more returning customers and more recommendations. To incorporate this process, companies should first review the process they want to improve.

Interview frontline workers to understand the problems and then identify what improvements need to be made. Implement the suggested changes, keep track of changes that impact efficiency, and identify the activities that add value to the whole process. But limit the risk factor, standardise the process, improve customer experience and ensure compliance.

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