UK industry body emphasises the need for compliant advertising methods

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November 26, 2021, 1:56 AM GMT+0

As the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) steps up, the IOC's regulatory influence in core ad-tech market could recalibrate.

In a recent opinion piece, Elizabeth Denham, UK's outgoing IOC commissioner, cautions the advertising industry about its outdated illegal practices and proposes creating new advertising standards. Denham's expectations include incorporating a data protection initiative into the design by default, being transparent about how and why data is processed, and more.

With Belgium's data protection agency about to decide on IOC’s industry consent collection tool, the timing of the publication is interesting. However, Denham's “clear data protection standards”, derived from the UK law wouldn’t have needed reiteration, had the IOC enforced the law against ad-tech violators, informs the article.

The author notes, with consumer concerns about online tracking and data breaches attracting lawmakers' attention, the industry’s shift in ad-tech’s systematic compliance was imminent. For example. Google’s “Privacy Sandbox”, has been mentioned in IOC’s statements, as “one of the most significant proposals in the online advertising space”. While the IOC is cooperating with CMA to assess how Google's plans will protect people's data, the CMA will oversee the tool's implementation.

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