KPIs such as media placements are a good indicator of PR success

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November 29, 2021, 3:55 AM GMT+0

Measuring the number of key messages in media placements ensures the value propositions are being constantly promoted.

To effectively measure the success of PR campaigns, measure key performance indicators (KPIs) like media impressions, key message inclusion, the share of voice (SOV), and more. Brands should align their value propositions or offers with their marketing and company goals to track KPIs.

Marketers can track media impressions and the number of unique visitors each month (UVPM) for each media placement. Tracking media placements in top publications can help brands assess SOV in top-tier media. Leads generated, conversions, and sales are also good indicators of credibility and awareness.

Assess social media shares, engagements, and brand awareness to evaluate brand sentiments across digital channels. PR practitioners can also leverage their media placements and relations to measure the effectiveness of their SEO efforts.

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