Set standards to enforce accountability in advertising

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November 29, 2021, 12:58 PM GMT+0

Adopting standards and benchmarks can provide the advertising industry with credibility and value.

Accountability allows firms to execute transactions in good faith, as it promises to supply products and services at the agreed-upon value and is held liable to the agreement construed. However, in the absence of an accountability framework, establishing standards and determinations can help organisations lay the foundation for accountability and trust.

The agreed-upon benchmark works well to verify, assess, and measure the quality of work or products delivered. Standards and their related validation processes drive business growth rather than confining or limiting it, because benchmarks enable adequate verification.

Incorporating accountability in the advertising industry via a set of standards or benchmarks can help brands verify ad servers, vendors, self-measuring platforms and more. Communicating vital information to the marketplace, auditing engagement, and timing can boost authenticity and accreditation.

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