Reflect consumers’ aspirations to build an emotional connection with them

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November 30, 2021, 2:24 AM GMT+0

Craft campaigns with images and messaging that evokes consumers’ aspirations to build trust and loyalty.

While brands have gone digital, the need to develop a strong emotional bond with customers still exists, as it helps businesses differentiate themselves and boost sales. Brands would do well to create aspirational creatives to build emotional bonds aligned with consumers’ goals and dreams.

An image of a person earning money for their family, for example, could help consumers emotionally connect with the brand. Feature a human face in marketing campaigns to add a human touch, develop a strong emotional bond, and transform prospects’ outlook of the brand.

To convey positive emotions and interactions, ask existing clients to offer testimonials via images and videos and share them with prospective consumers. Understand the pain points of the target audience to craft emotionally relevant messaging.

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